What is the Average Salary for a New Bounty Hunter?

How much money can a bail enforcement agent make bounty hunting?What is the average salary for a new Fugitive Recovery Agent or for someone just getting started in bounty hunting?

There is not an established average income of which I am aware, so there really is no absolute way to answer your question… national averages are not tracked and overall it would be dependent on so many factors as to make it almost impossible to estimate: location and population, court system and its administration of pre-trial release, your own abilities and disposition to this type of business, number of bondsmen and established competition, etc. etc.

Take into account that smaller population centers typically require smaller bond amounts, which is the basis on which we are paid.  Typically, Bail Enforcement Agents are only paid a percentage of the original bond amount(s) when they have successfully put the defendant in jail.  If you don’t get the job done- you don’t get paid.

The industry standard payment is 10% of the bond(s) but many guys are missing out on other opportunities to make more money by accepting the status-quo. I discuss many ways to get paid a lot more than that and other methods to closing assignments without ever having to chase the fugitive in my bounty hunter training course.

I can tell you that most people work at this only part time at first.  With a little time, experience and a lot of effort some of us are able to transition to it full time and make 6 figure incomes.  The smart guys augment their incomes with similar services like becoming a private investigator, collateral repossession, skip tracing and security.