The Business of Finding and Taking Bond Forfeiture Defendants into Custody™

The business of bail enforcement is changing at break-neck speed.  This highly lucrative type of assignment often captures the imaginations of many would-be bounty hunters who do not know where to acquire a working knowledge of this industry, which can often seem VERY secretive.  These secrets are the only thing that separates those who go on to succeed in this business and those who will fail.

Our course is designed to first teach and develop basic operating techniques and methods to easily locate and arrest bail-secured fugitives and then to build upon that foundation by sharing the most important secrets of our industry with you in a manner that cuts out years of the old learning process.

If you can close the “impossible case” quickly, you will crush your competition!

This course teaches you the following topics absolutely mandatory to your success:

  • A comprehensive overview of the bail enforcement industry and how it works
  • Getting started and becoming a bounty hunter (bail enforcement agent)
  • Sources for possible employment with national companies
  • Marketing your bail recovery services and finding a mentor
  • Setting your fees and getting paid
  • Networking for national exposure and getting a huge case load very quickly
  • The complete step by step approach to finding almost any fugitive
  • The hard core methods we use to find the people who are “being difficult”
  • Understanding and obtaining every tool you will use in your investigation
  • Surveillance methods and techniques, which will be essential to your success
  • Getting the defendant into custody- safely
  • Use of force and survival skills training
  • Extradition and transporting defendants in your custody
  • Closing bail investigation assignments without ever leaving the office
  • Crucial legal and ethical standards

We’ve added over 45 minutes of audio content and video segments to our online seminar!  Listen in on conversations between your instructor and other professionals in this industry; get the information no one else has!

It’s simple: complete this course today and get started on building your career in bail enforcement tomorrow.

You can complete this course from wherever you want, whenever you want and at your own pace.  No scribbling notes down and missing key information while an instructor speaks.  If you miss a key point or don’t quite understand something – go back to it or contact us for help.  Because you are studying by yourself, does not mean that you are taking this course alone!

The online course is set up to meet your convenience. Finish it as quickly or as slowly as you want.

Here is a detailed list of the subjects covered in the course:


What is a Bail Enforcement Agent, Really?
The History of Bail Enforcement
Professional Bail Bondman and a Surety Bail Agent
How the Bail System Works
Who Can Be a Bail Bondsman’s Agent?
How to Get Started in the Business
Insurance for Bail Professionals
Finding Bail Enforcement Agent Employment


The Principles of Marketing
The 10 Steps of Marketing
Marketing Weapons
Developing a Marketing Plan
Your Potential Market
Guerrilla Marketing: ESPIONAGE
Understanding the Pain
How Much Is The Pain Worth?
Surety Services Rate Sheet
Offering to Alleviate the Pain
Guerrilla Headlines
Using Testimonials
How to Recover Your ‘Almost Customers’
The Importance of Business Cards
Creating an Effective Business Card
The Importance of your Web Site
Appropriate Client Communication
Corresponding through E-mail
Handling Problem Clients
Avoid Networking Mistakes
Internet Forums and Newsgroups


Beginning the Bail Investigation
The Bail Application
Defendant Information Sheet
Indemnitor’s Agreement
Indemnitor Agreement and Promissory Note
Working with the Indemnitor
The Bail Bond
Skip Tracing and My Approach
Skip Tracer’s Checklist
Important Personal Identifiers
Document Review and the Funnel Approach
Skip Tracing File Summary
Database Sources
Finding Commercial Database Providers
Real-time and Historical Telephone Information
Credit Headers and Consumer Credit Reports
Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing
Phone-Based Skip Tracing Systems
Alternatives to Blindlines and Traplines
Finding Homeless Defendants
Field Interviews
Interpreting Behavior and Detecting Deception
Other Skip Trace Sources
Pretext Scenarios and Examples
Locating Mobile Phones through Pinging and Triangulation
Your Own Powers of Observation
Finding and Developing Informants
Wanted Posters


Surveillance and its Importance in the Bail Investigation
Preparing for Surveillance
The Pre-Surveillance Investigation
Choosing a Surveillance Vehicle
Visual Surveillance
Mobile Surveillance
Tailing Methods and Tactics
Rural Surveillance
Emerging Internet Tools for Pre-Surveillance
Using Internet Mapping & Imaging
Managing Confrontation
Being Approached by Law Enforcement
Courtesy Surveillance Notification
Summer Surveillance Considerations
Winter Surveillance Issues
Managing Emotional and Physical Stress of Surveillance
Dealing with Common Health Concerns While on the Road


Prior to the Apprehension
Authorization to Arrest Defendant
Contract Agreement for Surety Services
Certificate of Surrender of Prisoner by Bondsman
Equipment Inventory and Review
Body Armor for Bail Enforcement Agents
Identification of the Bail Enforcement Agent
Working with Law Enforcement
Weapons and Concealed Carry
Selecting a Pistol for Concealed Carry
Using Shotguns during Bail Enforcement Operations
Visual Screening for Concealed Handguns, Firearms and Weapons
Apprehending the Defendant
Search & Frisk Techniques for Law Enforcement Personnel
Use of Force
Non-Lethal Force
Less than Lethal Ammunition: Myths and Truths
Survival Skills Training
The Anatomy of Fear and How It Relates To Survival Skills Training
Physical Training
Thinking about Training
The Liability of Applying Handcuffs
Liability Constraints on Human Restraints
Transporting Defendants
Other Forms of Bail Exoneration
Certificate of Incarceration of Defendant


Ethics in Bail Enforcement
Review of the Power of Bounty Hunters
Uniform Criminal Extradition Act (UCEA)
Criminal Violations
The Legal Minefield of Personal Privacy Issues
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This course has been received with enthusiastic reviews from the best and brightest in the industry just ask around.  This is important…because these people may eventually become your clients!

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